My Testimonies

My name is Kum Emmilia.  I have been tormented by night mares and sicknesses. I have been to many hospitals and witch doctors to no avail. I was also very religious and faithful in church but not born again until now.  I was at home on
9/9/2011 and two men approached me carrying Bibles; they said they are GLIM missionaries preaching the good news of Jesus.  They added through many words, that Jesus was born to save me from my sins, sicknesses and all troubles and that my time is now. He also added that the only condition is that I should obey what the bible will ask me to do. At this point, I was now convicted and I opened my life to them. Listening carefully and patiently, they showed me from the Bible the need of repentance and prayer of forgiveness through the name of Jesus Christ. I willingly obeyed and was guided how to pray. After the prayers I was filled with peace and joy in my heart. That night I slept like a baby no night mares.  Two days later, when they came to visit me, the pastor told me that; When he was praying God revealed to him the source of my troubles. He said “The pot you worship and offered sacrifices annually” is the source of your problems. When I heard this, I was marveled because no one else could have known this family secret. He added that for me to be completely delivered, the pot must be destroyed. At first I was afraid, I decided to narrate the story of the pot and the consequences of trying to destroy it.  Two months before my mother’s death, she gave me the pot, instructed me to continue offering annual sacrifices as I have seen her do. She also said, “That it is the family god that my mother handed down to me; it will protect the family and prosper them as long as you are faithful in the annual sacrifices”. She did not explain any other details except that it was our family tradition. After many years of faithfully worshipping this family god, it came a time when sickness and night mares were tormenting me, I went for divination from sorcerers and I found out the bitter truth about this family idol. The sorcerers said that the tradition for any priestess handling the idol from any generation must offer a special offering once in her life time, in addition to the annual offerings. What then was this special sacrifice? I was demanded to perform some rituals using sorcery incantations after which one of my children will die physically and I will be free. The alternative was to hand down the idol to one of my female children and die afterwards. At this point, the pastor came in and was grieved. He said “you are not going to perform the ritual nor will you hand down the idol to the next generation, it will be destroyed, you and your children will live to serve God in Jesus name”. The pastor destroyed the pot and burnt it with fire. They prayed for me and witnessed terrible demonic manifestations. I am born again, heal, delivered and alive with my children. Praise Jesus Christ Amen