My Testimony    

My names are Salomon
Keshed. I lived in Bafmen and have been a witch–Doctor about 30 years. I was very skillful in all forms of sorceries. Through this practice, I became wealthy, having ten wives and about seventy children. 
During one of our monthly cult meetings, attended by many traditional healers from all over the country, I was afflicted and physically sick and dying. We attended these meetings by way of “out of body” experience. Thank God, one of my sons who has believed the Christian God called Jesus Christ, told me that Jesus is greater than our occult god, and is also able to heal, save and deliver even those afflicted by the occult gods.  On September 16, 2011 he invited me to attend a preaching and healing meeting organized by Giving Light Ministry. I was carried to the meeting because I was too sick to walk. During the preaching, Christ was presented to me and a strong desire for him stirred – up in my mind for him. After the preaching, I decided to believe in Jesus Christ and surrender my life to him as my Savior and Lord.  When the time came for praying for the sick, I was taken to the front and the pastor laid hands on me and prayed and I manifested and fell on the floor. After gaining consciousness I was able to walk immediately. Healing had taken place miraculously. Also all my sorcery powers had left me. I am now a believer in Jesus Christ and have surrendered all my occult material to the pastor to be burnt. I am asking GLIM to start a house church in my home. So that I can learn more of Jesus Christ and His love.