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Mission and Characteristics

100 percent of your contribution is used for the work
When a donor sends in the monthly support for their missionary, nothing is deducted for administrative purposes--100% is sent directly to the mission field to support the missionaries.

The focus of GLIM
Our focus and goal as a ministry is to reach all the villages in Cameroon with the gospel of Jesus Christ. More than 60% of the Cameroonians are documented non-Christians. A significant majority of the population live in villages, which have never heard of the Gospel of Christ.

Training and Sending Native Missionaries
Native missionaries have few or no cultural barriers to overcome. They can readily share the Gospel with those who have never heard. The churches planted in each culture or village, are truly indigenous in character, self-governing, self-propagating and, as soon as possible, self-supporting.

Training Tomorrow's Leaders at the missionary training school.
We are currently in the process of training our missionaries and hope to graduate them and send them out for mission work. These men and women are being trained to become devout followers of Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission in Cameroon.