Welcome to GLIM

A unique opportunity for reaching the unreached population in the villages of Cameroon.

It is reported that more than 40% of Cameroonians are Christians. Upon closer
examination, this percentage is much lower with a very resistant majority entrapped in indigenous believe systems rooted in the villages.

About the mission of GLIM
The sole purpose for the existence of GLIM is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached, and make disciples of them for Jesus.
Sponsor A Missionary
You can help spread the Gospel to the unreached villages in Cameroon by sponsoring a missionary for $30 a month.100% of your gift will go to fulfill the intended purpose.
Sponsor A Child
Help bring hope to millions of orphans by making a monthly gift of $15. 100% of your gift will be channeled towards providing for their basic needs.
GLIM Bible School (GBS)
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