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Tools for the Ministry

You can make a donation by clicking on any of the pay buttons. You do not have to donate the full cost of the items listed. A donation of any amount is acceptable.

The bible is the living word of God for spiritual growth. It is a necessary tool for both the missionaries and the new believers.
Cost per Bible is $6
Gospel literature (Tracts)
Most people remember better when a message is in writing. A tract is an easy way to do that. Tracts tend to linger around for a long time and gives people a chance to read and pass on.
Cost per 100 tracts...
Flip Charts
Because most villagers can't read, Flip Charts are useful for communicating the Gospel message.
Cost per chart...
Bullhorns (voice enhancer)
Often times the missionaries have to speak to large groups of people. A bullhorn voice enhancer comes in handy to get the word to people at a distance.
Cost per bullhorn...
have to speak to large groups of people. A bullhorn voice enhancer comes in handy to get the word to people at a distance. A lot of villages are very far off and can not be accessed by vehicles due to bad roads. In these cases, motorbikes are very necessary especially because it can transport two other missionaries at a time.
Cost per bike...
The missionaries have to walk several miles to get from one village to another. With a bicycle, they can visit twice the numbers of villages.
Cost per bike...
Projector Kit
Projectors are very captivating and presents as a big screen cinema. A lot of people get to watch Christian films through which they hear the Gospel and are saved
Cost per projector...
Praise and worship is a fundamental part of Christian life. There are house churches that are being formed and they can not afford to buy instruments. The most common instrument is drum. You can help provide this to them.
Cost per drum...
Kerosene Lamps
Most of the villages do not have electricity. Without lamps, its complete darkness and they can't even read their bibles. Help shine the light to the natives.
Cost per Lamp...

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